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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Updates,updates & more updates!

9 may- reported for duty at Menara sum new frens.. our group has only 10 people including me (usually there is 15 people per group)..meaning that we'll all go 4 training together as a group ---> Navin, Geetha, Aliah, Sha, Danial, Erica, Ming & Yoga. ( 1Malaysia yaw)

18 may - moved to Wisma Char yong where me n aliah got taken out from our training to assist Syarul ( our team leader) with his temporary team.. investigating cases from India & Indonesia. the others r still in training..a bit sad 2 b separated from them..huhu

22 may- failed my DPLI written test. moped around 4 a few days. (frust xdpt jd cikgu maa)

25 may-my 1st paycheck!! *ka-ching*. n now with my citibank atm/debit card, i can pay rm10 4 juz two movie tickets yaw! n i dun need 2 bring cash 4 shopping..juz pay like a credit card..hehe

n de 1st muvie i watch was -----> harusla abg Johnny Depp ku..hehe. lots of humor in dis muvie. out of all 4 sequels, dis is de best yet ever i tell you!

28 may- ulangtahun ayahanda yg ke 57thun. we went out to eat steaks. bought him a new wallet, a shirt n a pair of shoes.

n got alternate colors 4 my n turqoise/blue. =)

*example of wearing an alternate coloured braces. but dis gurl has a yellow-pink-blue color on her*

27 may- photoshooot with colleagues.

from de left (back) : poon (he's from thailand), kah meng, seong, saw leng, bamani, aliah, min zhi , poh yee, wei ji, rohini, fydah, angeline, liza, iszaura (dak UIA jgk..hehe), puteri, devi, sharmila, ainaa, safiah.

from de left (front) : ranjini, san nee, SYAHRUL, iza n kak aza.

31 may- akhirnye! after doing nothing 4 almost 2weeks, baru dpt keje..200 India cases to investigate! *i've been reading Harry Potter on9 spnjang xde keje taw,mmg syok! lukin 4ward 2 come 2 work semata2 bleh bace HP =)*

2 june- made peace with a dear fren.


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