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Sunday, November 21, 2010

a DREAM yet to become true?

i had a dream..n i'm still dreamin of it..

picture this..

i'm 60,sittin outside my balcony,reading my favorite book..its a sunny day outside..with a little bit of breeze here n there,just a nice day to be hanging out doin nothin but read..
"want sum juice lalink?"..n i answered.."yeah,sure..thnx dear..muaah"..n i went back to reading..usually wen i'm reading,i cudnt care less with wut's happenin around me..its just me n the book..but dat was my husband..i had to respond..

my husband..all i can say is..he has a kind heart..a heart dat inspires people around him..a heart dat made me who i am today..oh yeah..n he really noes how to cook..;p,i've decided to put down my book..n shifted my eyes to the beautiful scenenary in front of husband is playin with our granchildren..its a breathtaking got me thinkin..thinkin bout how i got here in de first place..thinkin bout how Allah has blessed me all my life..

my life...well,deep down..ever since i graduated from IIUM, i noe dat i loved helping people..i loved doin community work..(but i'm a bit picky..hands down with anything dat involves cooking..;p),i signed up for volunteers that time,i wanted so bad to make it a fulltime career but i had obligations to my,i had to work..

work work work..i had no passion in it at all...i enjoyed the paycheck though..n i'm saving sum of it for hajj..mine n my parents..but,a huge amount of it goes to my 'project'..well,not entirely's me n NANA's project..the kindergarden project...we had this dream even before we has sumthing that we both love..she loves teaching..n i love playin with children at that,apart from saving for the big project..we both attended nursery courses...children that age can do wonders once they're older..if they've been brought up properly..taking consideration both 'dunia' 'akhirat''s not a simple task..n it's definitely not sumthin that you can take it lightly..or as malay says it.."melepaskan batuk d tangga"..

work is one thing..expanding my degree is another..i signed up for courses related to children's psycology..i just love studying how their brains work..n then experimenting it with my own children..

hmm..about motherly skills..i never liked cooking..i was neva gud at it..thats why i married a 'chef'..we complement each other..;p..but there's one thing i'm proud of..i sew my family's clothing line...i'm soooo good at sewing..thank god my parents sent me to sewing classes after highschool..i even got my own sewing first ever sewing machine..n i'm still using cool is that..oh yeah~

sumone called my name.."wan,jum la maen layang layang skali.." grandsons..they're cute..u cudnt find the heart to say no to them..with that vibrant smile..n dimples.."i'll be there in a minute boys"..i replied.

well..i'm 60..n i'm grateful for wut i have..the kindergarden project was successful..we had a few of them in Malaysia..n others scattered around other muslim countries..its being run by my childrens as we partner,NANA,well,she's living next door..with her bubbly family..things turn out to be great..all those life problems we had,just doesnt matter that much..i's not about how hard you hit,it's just about how hard you move forward from it..rite?
things happen..good or bad..but it happens for a reason..subhanAllah..n Allah noes best..positive thinking has made me who i am today..every challenges i've faced has shaped me for the better..a strong hearted grandmama..that's wut my grandchildren calls,nothing shapes a champion better than a challenge..rite?

enjoyed reading it guys??gud..yes,i made up the story..but it has my dreams in's called a life script (i think)..u imagine urself at the end of ur life..n start moving's another way of planning for the focussing on the end results..try it's gets u motivated..inspired too..this is my very first attempt of doin a lifescript..n i'm planning to do more of them..gud luck!