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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

al-kisah Jelita bersama anak anak nya

Our fourth cat in 24 years..Thank you Allah.

here is a peek of wut their day is like...after eating breakfast..they take naps..Josh is de only 1 who doesnt want 2 sleep yet..

He's so bored playing alone, so he goes n play with Fiona (who was still sleeping)..they ended up playin with each other..annoyin Kassim..

N tadaaaa...the annoyed Kassim joins de crowd..

Eventually, it'll come up 2 de point where boys Vs girls..

eh..i forgot 2 mention mother cudnt care less..she's happily sleepin her way thru de fuss..

An hour later.........

In order to sleep peacefully, they ended up finding their own hot spot..away from each other.


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